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Over the past couple of years digital sales has has been on a steady rise, surpassing physical sales. digital downloads held the lead for a while but recently streams have begun to take over. 

It is very hard for independent artists to get physical shelf placement. With thousands of digital stores around the world you need a company that has the resources to get your music in the right stores to maximize your sales potential. There are many digital aggregators such as CD Baby and Tunecore who provide a middle man service to an average of 60 stores. While that may be enough for many artists, it will not allow you to effectively compete with the major artists and labels. In order to level the playing you need your music placed in the same stores as those majors.

Through our digital distribution division, UGF Digital, and our distribution partner Sony Music, we can get your music in up to 800 stores worldwide.

For more information please visit UGF Digital by clicking the logo below.